Monday, August 3, 2020

Channeled Messages from Kangaroo!

As I was preparing (meditating) for my last radio interview with Eluv on the Ultrasounds show on WMNF Community Radio I asked what animal had messages for me to share for everyone's highest good. A beautiful Kangaroo appeared, with a baby in her pouch! This is what she said:
. Protect yourself and your family and loved ones.
. Self-care most important.
. Eat right foods for stamina and good mental health.
. Reach out to others for help if you need it - don't be shy. Asking for help is not a weakness.
. Don't worry.
. Be grateful.
. Stay close to your loved ones for support.
. Exercise in some way every day - keep your body moving to keep your energy strong.
Then she finished by saying,
. We love you!
Aw, thank you, Kangaroo for the amazing messages!
Tune in 8/20 for my next interview with new channeled messages! Wonder what animal it will be! You can tune in locally 88.5fm, Tampa, or on-line:

Saturday, July 18, 2020


I'm offering a special on my remote 1 Hour Reiki Extra!™ sessions (for people). 
Regular price: $150 - Special $125.00

These sessions include regular Reiki, other energy work, if guided, crystals selected specifically for your healing session and channeled messages related to your healing. (not a reading).

For the session, you will be lying down on your couch or bed, with either me on speaker or headphones, whichever is best for you. Any 'messages' I channel from your Guides related to your healing, I will jot down for you, and email to you after the session, so you can just relax and receive. No alcohol/drugs 24 hours prior to the session. Also, make sure you allow time to relax afterwards, as you may want to rest.

Please let me know in California (PDT) what times you may be interested in on the following dates and I will let you know if it is available and if not, we can look at other times/dates: (here is a time clock, if you need help with time zone:
Thursday, July 23rd
Friday, July 24th
Saturday, July 25th
Monday, July 27th
Tuesday, July 28th

*Please do not inquire about other dates or services. This special is only for remote 1 hour remote Reiki Extra!™ sessions. 

After we book date and time, you will confirm your spot by paying via Paypal or via the 'Chase Pay' app on your phone - my cell number is 917.687.7523, that is my account for that. PLEASE NO PAYMENTS UNTIL WE CONFIRM YOUR DATE/TIME.

24 hour cancellation is required. No exceptions. (No refunds after that time frame).

Looking forward to offering you Reiki.🙏

Email: to book your session!

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Amazing story of hope and recovery for an amazing horse.

Recently, I was contacted to work with a horse who was in bad shape. I love horses, and was honored that I was asked. Read this article about the amazing shift this horse had. Brings tears to my eyes. 
This is why I do this work.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Channeled Messages from Starfish!

As I was preparing (meditating) for my radio interview with Eluv on the Ultrasounds radio show,  I asked what animal or animal realm had messages for me to share for everyone's highest good. A beautiful Starfish appeared, this is what Starfish said:

. Do what you are directly, intuitively guided to to.
. Realize your connection to every thing and every one.
. Your deeds and actions matter right now - what you do or do not do affects the the whole.
. Stay focused and steady in your actions.
. Keep open so you can connect to your intuition for guidance on what direction to take.
. It's okay to be unique - be true to yourself.
. Inner, self reflection is good now.
. We are in the Sea and we are also connected to the Cosmos - all connected.

Wow, thank you, Starfish for these amazing messages!

Wednesday, June 3, 2020


Hi Everyone,

Wishing you all peace and love during this time.

I have been guided to offer a special on my Intuitive Guidance sessions.

Regular Price: $150.00 Special Price: $120.00.

Monday, June 8th
Friday, June 12th
Saturday, June 13th

I live in California, PDT. When requesting a time, please let me know in my time. :) If you are not sure, here is a link for time zones:

These sessions are done over the phone.

If you are interested in booking a session, please email me: and let me know your preferred date/time.

Looking forward to connecting to your Spirit Guides.

If you have an organization you would like me to be aware about, sign a petition, or donate to, let me know. BLACK LIVES MATTER!