Monday, June 22, 2020

Channeled Messages from Starfish!

As I was preparing (meditating) for my radio interview with Eluv on the Ultrasounds radio show,  I asked what animal or animal realm had messages for me to share for everyone's highest good. A beautiful Starfish appeared, this is what Starfish said:

. Do what you are directly, intuitively guided to to.
. Realize your connection to every thing and every one.
. Your deeds and actions matter right now - what you do or do not do affects the the whole.
. Stay focused and steady in your actions.
. Keep open so you can connect to your intuition for guidance on what direction to take.
. It's okay to be unique - be true to yourself.
. Inner, self reflection is good now.
. We are in the Sea and we are also connected to the Cosmos - all connected.

Wow, thank you, Starfish for these amazing messages!

Wednesday, June 3, 2020


Hi Everyone,

Wishing you all peace and love during this time.

I have been guided to offer a special on my Intuitive Guidance sessions.

Regular Price: $150.00 Special Price: $120.00.

Monday, June 8th
Friday, June 12th
Saturday, June 13th

I live in California, PDT. When requesting a time, please let me know in my time. :) If you are not sure, here is a link for time zones:

These sessions are done over the phone.

If you are interested in booking a session, please email me: and let me know your preferred date/time.

Looking forward to connecting to your Spirit Guides.

If you have an organization you would like me to be aware about, sign a petition, or donate to, let me know. BLACK LIVES MATTER!

Sunday, April 5, 2020

$40.00 Discount on my 1 Hour Remote Reiki Extra!™ sessions!

I'm offering a special discount for my remote 1 hour Reiki Extra!™ sessions. Regular price is $150.00 - Discount price is $110.00.
April 7th-April 11th ONLY.

I am in California, PST. Please let me know what date/time (in PST) what works best for you. Email me:

Session includes:
- Regular Reiki, with additional energy work, if guided.
- Crystal healing therapy with crystals specifically chosen for your individual healing session.
- Channeled messages related to your healing (not a reading), from your Spirit Guides.

For the session, you are to be either lying down or sitting in a chair, whichever is most comfortable. Legs and arms uncrossed. You can put me on speaker phone so you can relax for the session and not worry about writing any of the messages, as I will email them to you after your session.

No drugs/alcohol 48 hours prior to your session. You can have caffeine/sugar, but not a lot prior to your session. :)

If you have any questions, feel free to email me:

***This offer is for those of you who missed my last one last month.**

Please do not inquiry about specials on my other services, as this discount is only for this service.

Sending love to you all!!

Monday, March 23, 2020

Channeled Messages from Dove for All!

As I was preparing (meditating) for last weeks radio interview with Eluv on the Ultrasounds show, I asked what animal or animal realm had messages for me to share for everyone's highest good.
Two beautiful doves appeared, they were sitting on a tree branch, together, holding an olive tree branch in their mouths.
This is what they said:
. Peace and love to all. Everyone is connected, so share love to all.
. Peace of mind necessary now - do not fear.
. Take care of yourself and make sure those in need have your help - not a time to be selfish. Sharing is key.
. Nurture yourself with good things.
. There is abundance and enough for all.
. You must realize now how we all inhabit this Earth together - all one.
. Make the choice to be love - it's the only way.
. Your animal partners rely on your good energy to help them stay calm.
. Together all as one - we will get through all together.
. Have you connected to your Higher Self recently?
. Good time for meditation to stay in serenity and love.
. Go to nature, if possible - observe the birds, trees, smells, sit on the ground - look up at the sky - be present, be in the moment.
. Things come and things go.
. Please be kind to one another - always.
. Raise your heart out in a stretch to stay open and full of love.
. Sow your seeds for future - can be a new idea for a project, new flowers, new food growth...
. It is easy to connect back to yourself and Mother Earth.
They finished by saying,
. We love you always.
WOW!!! Thank you so much, Doves. So beautiful and timely.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

$40.00 off my Remote Reiki Extra!™ Sessions!

Hi Everyone,
Wising all of you good health.

I am hoping to help with relaxing and balancing your energy systems to help move into love from fear and relax the immune system. Reiki is an excellent healing modality to help with all of this. 

During the session, you will be either lying down or sitting, in a comfy position, legs and arms uncrossed. You can put me on speaker phone, so you can fully relax for the session.
No alcohol/drugs 48 hours prior to the session. It's okay to have some caffeine/sugar, but not too much. :) 
I will send beautiful, relaxing, healing Reiki, and any other energy that I'm guided to send, the healing energy of whatever crystals are called for your individual session, and whatever messages your Guides may have for you related to your healing, I'll send to you after your session. (this is related to your healing, not a 'reading'). 

Regular sessions are $150.00 - discount is $110.00.
March 23rd - March 27th ONLY.
Let me know what date you're interested in and a time in PST/CALIFORNIA TIME, you'd like to book. 

Please do not inquiry about any of my other services, as the discount is only for my remote 1 hour Reiki Extra!™ sessions. 

Please email me: if interested in booking a session.

Sending you all lots of love energy!!

Remember to take deep breaths to connect to your body. Be in the present moment. 💟💞