Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Last Thursday, I was in Tampa doing the radio interview with Eluv, live in the studio. She was asking me if the animals had anything to tell us, this is what they said:

'Too much worry and stress - love each other more. Take it easy, play more! Stop worrying about the future - be in the moment.'

Their next message was:
'Adopt us please, many 'fancy' animals at the shelter, don't need to buy'.

And finally, they said:
' We are part of the family, treat us as such. Just like humans, we like to be respected'. Then they said, 'We love you'.

All such beautiful messages, and I know I needed to be reminded to take it easy and play more!

I'm now on the new time on Eluv's Ultrasounds radio show. The show is now from 11:00pm(EST)-1:00am, and I go on around 11:15pm, depending on where the track is. (88.5FM, Tampa). If you can't stay up, or you're not in Tampa, you can listen on-line for one week. (

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