Thursday, July 11, 2013


As I was meditating for my last radio interview with Eluv, on the Ultrasounds show, I asked the animals who had a message to share with us, to help and/or guide us. Falcon came in. This is what he said:
  • Be strong.
  • Be steady.
  • Be focused.
  • Be alert.
  • Act when Guided by feelings not thoughts.
  • No fear.
  • Time is now to follow your heart.
  • Unhappy? - Then change - don't think. It's all about how you see things - I see fear in some people - it's not necessary.
  • Move Quick - you are always supported.
  • Don't you see the big picture? - Think bigger than you are, if not already.
  • Fly high - time for you to soar! - Your spirit is craving it.
  • We see those who do follow bliss, always trusting - talk to these people, they can inspire change in you - even if small - but think big.
  • Act now.
  • 'Unusual' or 'different' careers are available and you CAN and will have financial abundance when you follow your guidance and focus on your intent.
  • Do it!
I love these messages and so appropriate for so many people right now. I have a lot of clients these days who are beginning to realize what they currently do for work, is not what they would really love to be doing, but have fear around starting something new, or as Falcon said doing something 'unusual' or 'different'. My experience has been that when you really follow your heart you will be supported.

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