Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Meet Dinah, top picture and Charles, lower picture. Dinah happens to be lying on top of a crystal I was guided to purchased yesterday, specifically for cats...here's what it looks like:
As soon as I put it down, she went right towards it, and just plopped down right on top of it. She told me it make her feel calm and relaxed. She also asked me if I would leave it for her!! :)

Charles said he wanted to see the apophyllite crystal, pictured by his head. As soon as I put it on the bench by his head, he closed his eyes and relaxed. It was beautiful.

Crystals have so many different healing properties, and animals love, love, love them, as they are connected with the Fairy realm and of course, the Earth, and so are animals. You can go to your local stone/gem store and ask about them, research on-line, etc.

I was just so pleased to see the powerful energy of the crystals work on the cats right away. :)

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