Saturday, October 24, 2015


Hi Everyone! It's that time of year again. So many pet guardians get so much pleasure putting costumes on their animals. If this describes you, please make sure a few things for your animals' comfort. :)

  • If you are tying something on their body, check underneath the top layer and feel if it's scratchy at all. Remove immediately, if so.
  • Make sure costume isn't highly flammable.
  • If you plan on putting something on their head, please make sure it's not to tight, especially anything around their neck. Also make sure it's not too heavy.
  • If you are putting glasses or something around their eyes, keep watching it during the time they have this on, as lots of times it slips and covers part of their eyes, making it very uncomfortable for them. You may also want to consider only having this on them some of the time. (compromise).
  • If you are putting boots or something on their paws, please make sure it fits properly and they are able to walk comfortably. 
  • Protect them from any unwanted petting from strangers.

Remember that they love us unconditionally, so it's our responsibility to keep them safe and comfortable. If you notice they are trying to remove something you put on them, it's because it's making them feel bad, so allow them to do so.

Have fun and be safe!

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