Monday, April 18, 2016


I met a cat a while ago, named Otis. Otie is one of his nicknames. The first time I met him, he informed me that he created the healing modality, Reiki. He was quite matter of fact about it, and wanted to make sure I knew and for me to acknowledge him for it! I've worked with him many times, and he is quite the character!

Actually, one time, I was working with a dog named Jackson, whose person knows Otis' person. They live in completely different cities. Jackson was in need of some Reiki, which I was sending to him remotely, and all of a sudden, I felt Otis, flying in astrally, and offering Reiki to him as well. (He's a busy cat!)

Now, his dog sister, Luna is very ill and will be transitioning very soon. Obviously, Otis knows this and continually offers Luna healing energy. Today, his person sent me this picture of him doing the healing work. So beautiful.

Of course humans feel the healing benefits of animals all the time. They lower our blood pressure and help us get through tough times. We all know about animals that are therapy animals to help in numerous ways, from detecting illness to knowing when their person needs medication.

Animals rule.

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