Monday, June 27, 2016


As It Turns Out, Summer Really Is for the Dogs

In a world that’s so often described as being divided up between personality types coded as either feline or canine, what a pleasure to be firmly ensconced in the camp of the latter. Or at least, that was a large part of the appeal on Monday evening, the longest day of the year and the Standard Hotel’s “Standard Barks” event, where friends of the downtown nightlife mainstay brought their four-legged companions to an interactive dog fair replete with treats, tricks, a collection of leashes and collars (proceeds of which went to charity), a “dog whisperer,” and a woman named Susan Pike. Pike goes by “The Animal Talker” and is, according to her website, a “Reiki master, Animal Communicator, Spirit Channeler and Spiritual Teacher” based out of Brooklyn, which meant she spent most of the evening gently patting the heads of panting visitors, getting distracted by their (understandably) frantic energy, and communicating their interior lives; one owner and companion were revealed to have been together in a previous life, as a soldier and his horse. “Look, I have goosebumps!” Pike said, extending a bare forearm, her blue eyes wide. She did.

For the full article and pics of the event (i'm on page 11): 


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