Friday, December 30, 2016


Hi Everyone!
I was recently guided in a meditation to post my work on YouTube as an animal communicator. I work with animals sending and receiving messages via telepathy. As a Spirit Channeler, I also connect with the animals higher self and their Spirit Guides. (yes, animals have Spirit Guides, just like people do).

I had the pleasure to work with this cutie pie Nyla a couple weeks ago. I have posted a few videos of our session on YouTube. The videos are of me channeling.

My YouTube channel is suepikeenergy. Here are the links. (Two are less then two minutes, and one is about 3 minutes), short and sweet!

When I 'channel', my voice changes. It makes the animal sound child like, but doesn't mean their soul is young.

The videos are fun, as Nyla is a fun, smart dog.

First one:

Second one:

Third one:

I work with all animals, any species. I feel it's my mission to give a 'voice' to as many animals as possible, and to help people understand how animals see things and experience things from their point of view and how they are our great teachers.

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