Monday, February 19, 2018

Channeled Messages from Orca for All!

As I was preparing (meditating) for my radio interview last Thursday with Eluv on the Ultrasounds radio show, I asked what animal or animal realm had messages for me to share for everyone's highest good. A giant Orca whale appeared, this is what he said:
  • Go to the place that makes your Spirit happy - is it the sea, the forest, a lake, a mountain? Feel your Spirit excited and happy when you go to this place - notice the smells and sights around you.
  • Time to make that big splash in your life. Is it a career change, a relationship change, an attitude shift?
  • Spend time alone in darkness to connect to your higher self - it's a good time to meditate.
  • It's time to go deep into your inner self, so you can connect with your higher self, your authentic self - no fear - trust - expand and embrace who are you are fully.
  • Call on us if you need an energy boost.
  • Notice who is in your soul group now - it may be time when you meet more people in the near future, who are also part of this - your soul group, pay attention.
  • Please protect our seas and all of Mother Earth we need you.
  • We love you!
Wow, thank you Orca for the beautiful messages!
I'm on every third Thursday, monthly. Always amazing messages from the animals, so tune in next month to hear. 88.5fm Tampa, or on-line: The show starts at 10:00pm(EST), and I go on around 10:15pm(EST), give or take a minute or so. :)

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