Friday, March 2, 2018

Puppy love!

I had the pleasure of connecting with absolutely beautiful dog yesterday. She is 5 months old. Very young and fun energy. Her guardians contacted me yesterday because they are having some training issues and also just wanted to know how they can help her.

It was discovered through the session that they are using a type of training that is very scary from the animals' point of view. I lovingly suggested (through the suggestion of this animals' Spirit Guides) that they look for an animal behaviorist that teaches positive reinforcement training. The other way will just make her continue to be fearful and anxious. Who would want to live like that? 

The lessons for her guardians (animals are our great teachers), are compassion, acceptance and patience. She is also there to stir up the energy in the house, as it is a bit stagnant. She is seeing what she can get away with and what she can't, definitely teaching her guardians about boundaries as well. She is a young soul and wants to play and wants her humans to play too!

What animals often do is mirror back to us what we need to work on. They are pure love and want us to be happy.

Remember when you adopt a young animal, they need loving guidance and structure. Be the pack leader and teach them what behavior is acceptable and what it not. This can definitely be done in a positive reinforcement way. No need for fear based training. Our animal partners depend on us to help them feel secure and loved. They are after all part of our families.

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