Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I had to share this story that just happened with one of my clients.

One of my clients has a donkey, horse and a pony. She contacted me as there were a few minor changes happening and wanted to make sure they all understood what was happening and why. A day later, she contacted me and said that she was looking in a directory for hay and she saw an ad for a pony. She of course, was definitely NOT looking for another animal! But, something just pulled her to that ad. So she contacted the people and asked for them to describe her..age, gender, etc. The people who placed the ad sent her a photo of the pony and that's when my client contacted me. She said she had to know more about this pony, etc. Turns out, that this pony is the reincarnated spirit of the pony my client had as a little girl! My client asked, is this 'Snowy'? As soon as she asked, I got chills all over my body, all of my arm hair stood straight up and got a definite YES! The pony is now hers, again. :)

Animals do reincarnate and come back to us, sometimes. I always suggest to clients when their animal partner is about to cross from this physical plane, that if they want to come back, (giving the choice to the animal), that they would love for them to. My client is very intuitive, so she was pulled to that ad...if you feel you may not be as intuitive, just ask your animal partner to make it really clear it is them, if they decide to come back, so there is no question in your mind that it's them. :)

My clients' daughter, who I believe is around 6 will be the one who will be riding the new family addition, they've already bonded.

I love when this happens.

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