Monday, June 20, 2011


Last week, I received specific messages from some shelter animals. This is what they had to say..

When you come to visit, please don't feel sorry for us, send us love energy. Tell us how handsome or beautiful and smart we are. Keep your comments positive please when you're talking about us to others with you, when you're near us.

Then they said:
We are so happy when people come and talk to us. We need more to come!

The dogs had specific messages as to how to approach them. They said..
Remember to let us smell you. You can sit on the floor near us, but don't look directly in our eyes, please let us know your scent first - talk to us and have us get used to you before you take us out. Then lets run, run, run! They said, don't just run the big ones, as the smaller ones want to run, too! They also requested not to pat their heads on top. They concluded by saying sometimes we don't know what to do with our energy - so we may act like we don't want you near, but we do - running helps us work it out.

Now, the cats and bunny's would love if you sing to them! They said that you don't have to be a singer, or have a great voice! They also said when you look at them, send them heart energy with a slow blink and a soft voice.

That was it from the animals. :) I would like to add a couple suggestions.

If you are an empath, or very sensitive like me, ask your Guides to help you not absorb anything energetically while you're there. When you get home, to ensure you haven't held on to an animals emotions, take a 4 or 5 minute (no longer), Epsom salt foot soak. Just put some Epsom salt in your tub or in a large bowl and when you're done and draining the water and rinsing your feet, ask that the energy be transmuted and say thank you. This way, Mother Earth doesn't absorb anything negative. I usually say, please transmute, transmute, transmute this energy and make this energy medicine for Mother Earth. I do this every time I go to a shelter, it really works.

It's very important that you are fully grounded and in a good emotional state before going to a shelter, as this is great energy for the animals to be around, and it helps balance them. Also it will ensure that you don't absorb anything from them.

If you feel that you may want to bring back all the animals, just ask your Guides or Angels to help you stay focused on why you're there. :)

They are waiting for visits, so go with a friend and talk to the animals, take the dogs out for exercise and make it a play date, if you can't adopt!

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