Sunday, August 12, 2012


As my beautiful cat, Maxy (pictured above, smelling the fresh air) is going through the painful and hard to watch process of dying, the lesson of love keeps coming up.

Max reminds my husband and me every day, all day long, how all that matters to him is that we love him, he loves us, and that we continue to love each other.

He tells us not to concentrate on how is physical body appears right now.  He says that all that matters is love. He said the other day 'I accept me for where I am, you do the same'.

I must mention that my cat, is a Shaman healer and Master Teacher. He astrally travels, helps me with my Reiki sessions that I do in our home, and teaches me and others lessons all the time. He often helps me with my work with animals.

He also has quite a fondness for attractive women! In particular those who may 'need his help', as he says. :)

I know I may sound biased as he is my cat, however, I have heard from other animal communicators and intuitive friends how open he is when they check in with him, and that he's very special and definitely a healer. :)

Back to the subject of love..
Max is more out of his cat body, then in it, these days. The Angels say that he's with them a lot. When he looks at us he is really looking. We see his spirit, his soul, his wisdom, his love.  Our cat sitter, whom he loves, says that she gets teary eyed when she looks at him, as she can feel the love he is sending to her. It's so incredibly powerful.

Do you need to work on opening your heart? If you have an animal in your home, start with them. Send them all of your love, and allow to receive it back. Ask your animal partner to help you open your heart, they will be honored and pleased to help you. Then extend this love to others. It's the only thing that really matters, as Maxwell, the shaman, healer, teacher cat continues to remind me every day.


  1. What a beautiful tribute to Maxy. He is amazing. Thank you Sue!

  2. Thanks Karmen! You are right, he is amazing. :)