Friday, August 17, 2012


Prior to being interviewed by Eluv (on the Ultrasounds show),  I always ask the animals to come into my meditation and guide me as to what they would like me to talk about on the show.

For this last one, I had a bunny come in right away with a message, that starts out pretty cute. :) This is what bunny said:

  • Hop, hop, hop, move now - don't wait! Time now - go for your dreams and have fun while doing it, then it said:
  • Sweet is strong, not weak. 
  • Don't need to bully to get where you are going - just go!
  • The last thing bunny said was to remember to do service for others.
Then, a whole other group of four legged's came in and said:

  • Your pets want to eat healthy and want you to also. (They showed me a picture of samples of all the food groups for us - it was funny). Then, they said:
  • Feed us what we would eat if not in your household, like in the wild. Then they said:
  • Move, move, move, exercise us AND you!
I find it interesting that the animals have been suggesting we go for our dreams - our hearts desire, without fear for a few months now, and from all the different realms. (winged, finned, four legged)... I really think it's important for us to listen to what they have to say, as they are very wise.

The energies are moving quickly and will support you in this, so need to fear, just trust and go for it!

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