Thursday, January 8, 2015


Lately, with my animal communication work, I've met some very evolved animal souls. I realized I need to share some of these sessions to help people realize that their animal partners are here for so many reasons and have so many lessons for us.

The other day, I worked with a dog, who recently was attacked by another dog and because of it, has no sight in his right eye, and partial in his left. He knew the other dog, but after talking to him found out what happened, he basically got into the other dog's personal space, over and over again and eventually the other dog reacted. He didn't mean to hurt his friend, he just reacted.

The injured dog was telling me that it didn't hurt that bad, that it was more achy than sharp pain. He said he is adjusting to the new. He said that his sense of smell has heightened even more. His human, obviously was quite concerned about how he's doing, if he is afraid of his dog buddy now and a host of other concerns.

Interestingly enough, the first thing the dog said to me when I connected with him was to tell his human  that it's a lesson in unconditional love and forgiveness. When he said he needed more time to adjust, he said this is a lesson in patience and acceptance for her. She couldn't believe he had already forgiven the other dog. She also had been a bit smothering with him (understandable), but he told her it wasn't necessary, all he needed was help adjusting to the new.

I have another dog client that is completely blind and he gets around just fine. He uses all his other senses to help him get around and he's a very happy content dog. I mentioned this to her, to help her understand that he'll be okay and actually already is doing rather well.

Such beautiful messages, I had to share.

More to come! :)

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