Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Over the years, I've worked with many animals who are about to transition. I feel there a few things that may be helpful to you, if you are experiencing this difficult time with your beloved animal partner.

As my cat, Max taught me when he was nearing his final days in cat body, is that most animals are able to get into a meditative state and actually remove themselves from pain in their physical body. Max used to tell me that it looked worse for me than it felt.

I have a session with a beautiful cat later today and just checked in with her to find out what her wishes are. She said to tell her humans that she knows how to remove herself from the pain, just like Max described to me. She also wants to just transition quietly at home, with no assistance.

Just a quick aside.....if you find out from an animal communicator that your animal doesn't want assistance and you want to honor that wish, but then you just really can't watch them in that state and decide to assist them in their transition, please know that I've never met an animal yet who is 'mad' at their person for doing this.

The other common theme is that animals don't have the same fears as a lot of people do about death and dying, for them, it's just going home. They worry mostly about US, and want to make sure that we keep our hearts open after they pass into Spirit. So, to answer that question, NO animals aren't afraid to die. They see many Spirits around them and feel comforted by their presence.

It is most important, always, to give your animal partner permission to cross when they are ready. This helps them not 'hang on' just for us. It is crucial for them to hear this from you, and everyone in the family, so they cross completely.

Don't worry, most animals want to hang out with us, even in Spirit form. So, after they cross, don't be surprised when you feel or smell or hear them around you. You can even ask them before they cross that if they come back to visit you, to make it obvious. I have some clients who tell me they saw/felt a dent in their pillow next to their head, and knew it was their cat, etc. A man told me he felt his dog 'brush against his leg', he just knew it was him. The examples are endless. The most important thing to know is that they do visit and if you sense them around you, you're not crazy!

My cat, Max, visits my husband and I quite frequently. We love him always.

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