Monday, March 9, 2015


Hi Everyone!
Happy Monday!

I had a beautiful session with a cat yesterday, who transitioned not too long ago. He was light and happy and had many messages for his human, about his soul lessons and purpose. One of the many messages he had for his human was to keep his heart open.

This is one of the things I hear time and time again, that they understand that we grieve and are sad that their physical bodies are no longer with us, but they want us to remember them healthy and strong and to keep our hearts open.  Lots of messages from the animals are about love, how could it not be, as they are so connected to the Divine, which is Love!

They are our great teachers, always. They teach us unconditional love, patience, tolerance, play, what we need to work on (as they mirror us), and much more.

So, if all the animals have the same message for everyone, then let's listen! Keep our hearts open and allow love in. Love ourselves so we can love others!

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