Monday, April 6, 2015


The other day, I had the privilege to 'talk' with a beautiful horse. She's 5 and definitely spunky. She had many beautiful lessons and information for her person.

While I was checking in with her physical body, I kept feeling discomfort in her jaw/gums and neck. I kept getting the feeling that her neck needed to be stretched in some way, and that her jaw was misaligned. So I asked her Guides if equine chiropractic was the way to go for her, and 'heard' no. What her Guides did suggest was her receiving cranial sacral work. Now, I actually didn't know that this was available to horses, but so pleased to know it is. I am aware of acupuncture, chiropractic and many other amazing holistic treatments are available, but didn't know about this!

Luckily, the horse is in California right now, where a lot of these treatments are available. Her person, being the amazing horse guardian that she is, is also having the Vet come out to make sure all her gums/teeth are okay, and also is looking into someone working with her doing cranial sacral. The woman wasn't sure what it was, so I sent her a YouTube video of a woman doing this with a horse, with amazing results. (of course).

Next time you see some kind of physical discomfort with your pet, remember that many holistic therapies are available to help them. Acupuncture is very popular in helping with many dis-eases in our pets, and they really love it for arthritis pain. Check with your local holistic Vet for treatments that they offer, and if they don't practice a certain modality that you're interested in getting for your pet, ask them for referrals to practitioners that do.

So many amazing modalities out there for our animals. Also, don't forget homeopathy and flower essences are another great way to help our pets, on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical way. Animals in the wild will intuitively go to plants and flowers that they know will help them feel better, so this is our way to bring it to them.

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