Friday, April 17, 2015


OMG! Two years ago, our beloved cat, Max passed. He was a very special being, in fact, in my opinion a Shaman. He always helped me with my Reiki sessions and actually still does, just in a different dimension.

We buried him up at our little place on the Upper Delaware River in PA two years ago. Today, as my husband went up to open up the house for the season, guess what he saw? The path to Max, made by animals! Yep, that's right, he said he saw many different paw prints leading up to his stone. AMAZING. This actually happened last year as well, and when we go up, we do notice paw prints on the path. His energy was and is still very present, and obviously the animals, who are so connected to energy, feel it, and want to be near him. They created this obvious path to his burial.

I feel so blessed that Max was in my life, in physical form, for 18 years. He's still in my life, assisting and healing me and others, just in another dimension.

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