Monday, January 4, 2010


When looking for a new animal to join your family, please go to your local shelter and adopt. There are so many beauties waiting for you to bring them home. Just keep an open mind, maybe the dog or cat that you want to have is at the shelter, and you won't have to 'buy' one. Think of the life/lives that you'll be saving! My cat was a little over a year when I adopted him over 14 years ago. He's amazing. I went to adopt a small, black, female kitty, but the large, white male cat won my heart. :) Buying an animal because you're attracted to a certain breed, doesn't exempt you from experiencing possible behavior issues, etc. You may find that breed in a shelter, with no 'issues'. :)

If you have existing animals and are going to adopt more, please inform the ones you have that you are in no way replacing them. Tell them how much you love them and ask they welcome the new one. There are flower essences available that help with adjusting to new surroundings, which are great for the one you're bringing home from the shelter and also for the existing animals in your home.

Enjoy the love of your animal friends. :)

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