Monday, January 25, 2010


Have you ever noticed that your animal friend has had the same illness or traits as you??? This is a very common thing. It's called 'mirroring'. If you notice your animal having physical symptoms similar to you, it's very important to have them stop doing this, for their health. This is what happens. They want to 'show you' this is wrong with you so you can get help to get better. What you say to them is, 'thank you so much for showing me what I need to take care of. I understand and I will take care of it, so you don't have to show me anymore. I want you to have 100% health'. Then, GO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF! If you tell your animal friend that you've gone to the doctor, they will know if you are not being honest with them. So, do it, and report back to them, what the doctor said and what steps you are now taking for your health. They will be relieved and be so happy that you listened to them.

I had a friend who needed surgery and her pet needed the same surgery a month later, this is common, so remember to tell them that all you want for them is 100% health, and thank them for telling you.

If your animal friend has an illness, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have it too. If you haven't been feeling well, perhaps get checked, but don't be alarmed, they might not be mirroring something, they may just be sick.

Remember that they pick up on our energy. So, if you are constantly stressed out, they pick up on it, and get stressed themselves. There are flower essences that can help both you and your animal friend with emotional issues. Check out my resource list, they are listed there. Find one that resonates with you.

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