Friday, January 1, 2010

What's In a Name?

Ever think it's cute to call your pet an insulting name? If they're overweight, perhaps you think a name like 'Butterball' would be cute. Or maybe your nickname for them is 'stupid' or 'dummy'. You get the drift. STOP! They don't like to be called insulting names. Do you? Yes, it's true, animals have feelings! I've worked with hundreds of animals that tell me that they don't like their name, and even suggest a new one. When the human is in agreement and immediately changes their name, the animal is instantly happier. So, give it a moment of thought and ask yourself if you would like to be called the name you are giving to your pet. :)


  1. Thanks Sue - it's so true ! You gave our dog a good new name that came through in a session and he really responds when I ask something of him in his "real" name - the one he chose. Just because he liked to eat potatoes was no reason to call him Potato Head! I certainly wouldn't think that was a CUTE name for someone to call me!

  2. Thank you for doing it. A lot of people don't make the changes, so it makes my heart happy that you listened to him, and honor his wishes. :)