Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Last Thursday, I was in Tampa doing the radio interview with Eluv, live in the studio. She was asking me if the animals had anything to tell us, this is what they said:

'Too much worry and stress - love each other more. Take it easy, play more! Stop worrying about the future - be in the moment.'

Their next message was:
'Adopt us please, many 'fancy' animals at the shelter, don't need to buy'.

And finally, they said:
' We are part of the family, treat us as such. Just like humans, we like to be respected'. Then they said, 'We love you'.

All such beautiful messages, and I know I needed to be reminded to take it easy and play more!

I'm now on the new time on Eluv's Ultrasounds radio show. The show is now from 11:00pm(EST)-1:00am, and I go on around 11:15pm, depending on where the track is. (88.5FM, Tampa). If you can't stay up, or you're not in Tampa, you can listen on-line for one week. (

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Looking to adopt a dog? It's important to research the type of breed you are interested in adopting. Do you love the outdoors, go for hikes and bike rides and want an animal companion to run along side you? Not as active...maybe a dog that doesn't require as much exercise is the right fit for you. Remember to keep THEIR needs in mind, and be honest with yourself about what you are ready to do for your animal companion. Of course all dogs need to go out and run, but there are certain breeds that require a lot.

When dogs who require a lot of exercise don't get what they need, they don't know what to do with that excess energy and start becoming aggressive, or acting out in other ways. Let's help them stay balanced by doing our part, they will appreciate and love us for it.

Have fun choosing the right dog for you and your family! Remember shelters are full of wonderful, loving dogs, so please adopt!