Wednesday, May 22, 2013


As I was preparing (meditating) for this month's interview with Eluv on the Ultrasounds show, I asked the animals who had a message they wanted me to share with everyone, and a beautiful horse (roan) showed up.
This is what horse said:

  • Keep moving through whatever you are going through right now and if you need strength or assistance in doing so, then call on us for 'horsepower' - we are here to help you. We have strength an power for you.
  • Don't stop midway - you can do it - keep going and know it's about how you see things. We see it as blessings for your growth and strength - emotionally and spiritually.
When horse says you can call on them for strength, this is what you do:
Say, 'calling on horse, calling on horse, calling on horse, please help me have strength with _______, and then say 'thank you'. You can fill in the blank with whatever you need help with. :)


While I was preparing (meditating) for my April radio interview with Eluv on the Ultrasounds radio show, I asked what animals have a message for us.
I was immediately intuitively guided from the animals to talk about tips and questions to ask yourself regarding adopting animals. This is what I was guided to say:

  • What is your lifestyle - how often will you be able to exercise your animal? Make sure to match your lifestyle with that breed. For example, if you're going to adopt a dog that needs a lot of exercise and you're a jogger - great fit!
  • Have you animal proofed your home prior to them coming home? (wires, etc.).
  • Have you created a fun place for your new animal friend? For example, for a cat, a cat walkway, tower, a ledge by a window, a special place of their own?
  • If you have kids, find out if this animal is generally good around children and teach your children manners - like no tail pulling, etc.
  • Are you ready to include them as a family member - talking to them and playing with them and exercising them?
  • If you adopt an animal and know you will be having children afterwards - learn how best to integrate when baby arrives from a professional animal behaviorist.
  • Know there are flower essences out there than can help your animal adjust to his/her new environment. They are also good to have on hand for many situations, as they help on emotional, physical and spiritual levels.
  • If you have an animal in the household already, before adopting a new one - find out through an animal communicator if they want a companion and if so, what kind, younger or older, etc. Lots of times people think their animal gets lonely and think they want a friend, but in reality the animal is fine and wants to be the only one there! Also, believe it or not, sometimes a dog will want a cat friend and vice versa - it can be very different than what we think they want. If they do want a friend, find out from a professional how to integrate the new animal in your home.
  • Letting your dog out in a small yard is good, but they still need exercise. Make sure if you can't take them out for a good walk - hire someone who can. LACK OF EXERCISE IS THE ROOT OF MANY PHYSICAL AND BEHAVIORAL PROBLEMS!
  • Listen to your heart when you go to adopt. You may end up with  different type than you thought you'd get. Remember, they find us! Years ago, when I was looking for a cat, I went looking for a female black kitten and ended up with a 2 year old white male full grown cat! (thank goodness, he found me!)
  • And, last tip - you CAN teach a dog new tricks!


I apologize for not updating my blog in the last couple months, so now I am back to share these lovely messages for you!

As I was preparing for my March radio interview with Eluv on the Ultrasounds show, and was asking what animal or animals had a message for us, I felt the presence of many sea animals!
This is what they said:

  • Come look at us - go into the waters and see our beauty all around and the sea floor. If you cannot do this, look at all of us and our lives in a video or show, so you are aware of all of us. See how we live. See how many of us there are - so many kinds.
  • See the beauty of the sea, then you can take this information to your heart.
  • Please send us your love. Please keep our home safe and clean for us so we can live in our happy environment with no clutter. If you bring us into your heart, it will help you be aware of us in a deeper way than just the thinking mind.
  • This is why if you can possibly physically visit us, it can be a stronger impression. 
  • We love you and thank you.
What's so funny, is that night there was a marathon on a cable t.v. show on Sea Creatures!! It was amazing. I particularly love the cuttlefish!