Tuesday, April 5, 2011


When communicating with baby animals, remember that it's very similar to talking to baby children. You know when you are talking to a young child, just learning how to talk, they are focused on one thing, then all of a sudden they are distracted and start talking or focusing their attention on something completely different than what you are saying? The same is true with young animals. Don't expect to get the same information or have the same type of discussion from a young kitten or puppy or any young animal, as you would from an older one. The soul of the animal may be old and wise, but it is still in baby form. So, if you are working with your communication skills, don't be frustrated if the animal you are talking to is a baby and they don't seem to be paying attention, or you're not clear on the message they are sending.

Keep trying your skills with older animals, you'll get the confidence you need to keep doing it. :)

Your older animal companion will be so pleased that you are working on communication with them. Remember, you can ask them for a 'sign' that they understand what you are saying, to help with your confidence. Often times, cats and dogs will blink, a little longer than usual, a horse may whinny or stomp it's hoof. You can actually request a certain sign from them to acknowledge you.

Have fun, stay relaxed and send all messages with heart energy. :)