Monday, June 26, 2017

Channeled Messages from Dove for All!

As I was preparing (meditating) last week for my radio interview with Eluv on the Ultrasounds show on WMNF radio, I asked what animal or animal realm had messages for me to share for everyone's highest good. A beautiful Dove appeared, this is what she said:
. Peace and Love everyone.
. Please all take a moment and connect to your hearts.
. Send love to others - now is time for love - humanity.
. Love your fellow humans - see their higher self - not their characteristics - see their heart.
. Remove judgments of yourself and others - find common ground with each other.
. Love the earth and seas.
. Love and respect all living beings - open your hearts.
. Call on us if you have any fears, we will take them from you.
. Gentleness is key - when you are gentle and kind to yourself - you can be for others.
. We love you!
Wow, thank you, Dove. Such perfect timing. Love the teachings and wisdom of our animal partners.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

3 Cat Animal Communication Session

Yesterday, I had the privilege to speak to these three cats. The little grey one on the left, Willow is in Spirit. She had many profound messages for her human. In fact, as I was meditating to prepare to connect with all three cats, she came into my meditation and started talking with me. I quickly had to get up and start writing down her messages to her human. She was still a young kitty when she transitioned, but a very wise, old soul. She told me yesterday that she's with Shamans and teachers on the other side and that she helps babies and small animals, mostly kitties when they cross to comfort them and let them know where they are.
I remember the first time I connected with her when she passed and she said that the only thing that matters is love. She said that even a short time with her human, with such great love, was better than no time with him. She is a very special one.

The cat on the top right is Quinn, loves to play and wants his human to play more too! Remington is on the bottom right and is a bit cranky. He loves his person and his Guides said he needs more play, but he feels it's kind of beneath him. He gets bored easily. He actually is mirroring his human, who admitted he feels that ordinary play time is a bit mundane. They all just moved and at the new location the person has access to bike trails and other outdoor activities that make him happy. The lesson is when he starts relaxing and having more fun, Remington will too. Quinn mentioned to me that he feels anxiety sometimes and holds it in his belly, which his person does as well. This is not uncommon for the animals to hold stress where we do. In fact, they often will have the same illnesses.

They take it on to show us what we need to take care of. When we do, they feel it, and this helps them heal as well. If you notice your pet taking on any physical symptoms similar to yours, tell them thank you for showing you and that you promise you will get checked out and take care of it, and that all you want is for them to be happy and healthy. Then go to the doctor or do what you need to do to heal, as your pet will know if you don't.

Animals are our great teachers. They are here to help us on so many levels. Most animals I speak to talk about love and how people need to relax, play more and keep their hearts open.

There are flower essences I like to recommend to clients that help people and animals on a physical, mental/emotional and spiritual level. Lots of times they like when we do what they do, so we can take the essences and then give them to our animal partners. A great company I found, that has all alcohol free essences is Green Hope Farm. They have many essences and such an amazing support staff all ready to help with any questions you may have regarding any issue with your pet, or you!

It was such a lovely session re connecting with these amazing cats. I love being able to be a 'voice' for the animals.