Friday, June 22, 2012


Hello Everyone! I'm sorry I've been a bit inactive in my blog, but I'm back!

Yesterday, as I was meditating for my monthly interview with Eluv on the Ultrasounds show, I 'got' beautiful, powerful messages from our animal friends to share with you all. This is what they said:

. When you are frustrated, accept and allow our love. . When you are sad, love us. . When times are hard, love us. . When your heart feels closed, allow and accept our love. Then they said.. .We are always here for you. Your animals or pets as you call them are here to help you connect to the Divine - allow it. Their love is pure, learn from them. If no animal in household, visit one and feel their love and connection to the Divine.

Then, Buffalo came in and said: 'Stay strong. No one can topple over your authentic self. Remember to be grateful for all that you have'. Then, Goat came in and said: 'Keep walking step by step towards your goals. Love each other on the journey'.

Then all the animals came back and said: .We are more than our bodies - you are too. .Please keep our earth clean. . We love you.


This was very interesting to me, as I 'got' to meditate when I did. Then a couple hours later, we heard from our Vet that our beloved cat, Maxwell has very late stages of cancer. He has about 1-3 months left in his physical form. Very good timing to remember about the fact that 'We are more than our bodies'. It's something, of course, as I Spirit Channeler know, but always great to hear, especially from our animal friends.

Max is truly a Shaman. He helps me with my Reiki sessions with my people clients and astrally travels all the time. Anyone who connects with Max to see how he is or talk to him say how easy it is to communicate with him, as he is so open. My husbands' Guides tell him that Max is with them a lot. :) We see him looking at Spirits and communicating with them, it's so beautiful.