Friday, June 25, 2021




For these sessions, I channel messages directly from your Guides and mine to you. No question is too small or large! I/we don't predict the future. How it works, is you have some questions in mind, and we just go through each question/topic until we run out of time. One question may only take a short amount of time to answer, and some may take a large amount of time to answer. You just never know. Your Guides don't work with 'shoulds'. For example, instead of asking, 'Should I quit this job?', you would ask, 'Is it in my and everyone's highest and best interest to leave my current job?'

 Regular Energy Exchange: $150.00/hour; SPECIAL $125.00/hour. All sessions are done over the phone.

Available dates: 7/03, 7/05, 7/06. Availability changes quickly! Special is ONLY for this offering. 

        EMAIL: to book a session or for more information.