Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I know that may sound redundant to some, but, not all cats have an attitude, as some may believe.

I had to share this session, as this cat was so funny and really thought he was beneath most cat activities! In particular, playing with toys.

One of the questions was about his favorite toy. I 'saw' an image of those cat toy fishing poles with the material hanging down, with feathers on the end of it.....He almost sighed and said, 'please do not use that awful one with the fake feathers on it'..continuing, he said, 'don't you know that I know they aren't real feathers? Why would I want to play with that?'

He didn't like his name, and wanted to be called Prince! (of course). He went on and on like this and he knew he was with this woman to remind her to exercise and play more, which of course, he needs to do as well. So, he was asking to see her play a little bit, and then he would agree to play more too, but not until she did first.

He said he wanted everyone to 'lighten up' a bit, that the energy around the two humans in the house was a bit too serious. (hence the play lesson).

A lot of animals that have been reincarnated have been with us in the past. This cat was a horse in a past life and the woman was a man. They are total karma partners and have a deep soul connection, which she, of course, feels.

He agreed to come back to cat body to be with her again to teach her the lesson about having fun, and exercising, even though he doesn't really want to, he knows this is why he's with her, to remind her to do this as well.

He was clearly an 'old soul'. As soon as I saw his picture, I knew/felt he had been around for a while...

He sees lots of spirits around as well, which, I've mentioned a lot is fairly common with animals, and he also told her about a special one that's around her. Quite beautiful.

What lesson is your animal teaching you?

Sunday, March 29, 2015


The segment I did with three other animal communicators, a.k.a. 'pet psychics' on Late Night with Seth Meyers is on a few different sites. The YouTube video is here:

Frisbee is super adorable!

Saturday, March 28, 2015


I guess I need to search the internet more often....I just found this link to the fun interview I did with Bob Charles on Pyramid One Network Radio. We talk about animal communication, Reiki, Spirit Channeling and all sorts of fun stuff!

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Here's the link, if you missed it last night. Me and three other 'pet psychics' talking to his adorable, very affectionate dog, Frisbee!

It's funny!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I'm in a segment to air tonight. (at least they said, as of 6:30pm(EST) it's a go. :) It is T.V., so you never know....

Me and four other 'pet psychics' are in this segment 'talking' to his amazing dog, Frisbee. A cute mini Italian Greyhound.

Show starts at 12:30am(EST).


The other day, I worked with a client who has a dog, and is friends with another client of mine who has a cat. Both clients live in totally different locations in the U.S. They are in contact frequently and do talk about their animals with each other.

The cat is amazing, in fact, he believes he started Reiki! He does offer healing energy to the other animal in the household.

I have seen, in my Reiki sessions with people, their pets who have crossed, come in to 'help' their person. Also, some people have animal spirit guides that are in the session as well.

This cat, however, is alive and well, not in spirit form, and totally helped with my session when I started to offer the dog Reiki.  I'm working remotely with the dog and all of a sudden I 'saw' the cat flying in and started to work immediately with me with this dog. It was amazing! He felt the connection with this dog and knew he wanted to help. I mentioned to the woman what was happening and of course, she laughed because she knows all about this cat and how he thinks he started Reiki! She wasn't surprised.

So, next time you think your animal partner is just a dog or a cat or a bunny, etc., remember that they are Spirits, they have souls, and they have decided to come back in this lifetime to be with us and to be in that particular physical form. Just like people, some animals are more advanced spiritually than others. Some have already learned how to astrally travel, some haven't.

Speaking of Spirits....if you see your animal, looking, tracking, staring at something that you don't see, it is most likely a Spirit. Sometimes they are actually getting information from their Guides/Spirits, or they are just hanging with them. :)

My beloved Max, who transitioned two years ago, helps me all the time with my people Reiki sessions.  I'm honored and blessed for his help.

Monday, March 9, 2015


Hi Everyone!
Happy Monday!

I had a beautiful session with a cat yesterday, who transitioned not too long ago. He was light and happy and had many messages for his human, about his soul lessons and purpose. One of the many messages he had for his human was to keep his heart open.

This is one of the things I hear time and time again, that they understand that we grieve and are sad that their physical bodies are no longer with us, but they want us to remember them healthy and strong and to keep our hearts open.  Lots of messages from the animals are about love, how could it not be, as they are so connected to the Divine, which is Love!

They are our great teachers, always. They teach us unconditional love, patience, tolerance, play, what we need to work on (as they mirror us), and much more.

So, if all the animals have the same message for everyone, then let's listen! Keep our hearts open and allow love in. Love ourselves so we can love others!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I'm teaching a Reiki 1 class the weekend of April 18th/19th. It will be in the Traditional Usui Method.

We'll be doing guided meditations, learning about the history of Reiki, Reiki Ethics, chakras and more. You will receive 4 Attunements total. You'll learn and practice self-Reiki, chair Reiki and Table Reiki, and receive a certificate at the end of class.

The energy exchange is $150.00 for the weekend.

I only have up to 4 people in class.

If you are interested and want more information, please email me: reikisue@gmail.com