Thursday, January 5, 2012


I had to share this wonderful story that happened at the Mayor's Alliance adoption event.

I was working with this great rescue organization called Tavi&Friends. They rescue and also do various healing modalities, in particular TTouch and Reiki. I was doing Reiki and animal communication with them for this event.

We walked around and helped the animals feel more relaxed in a very stressful situation for them, but it was for their highest good, as they were all there to be adopted. :)

I met this wonderful cat. I don't recall his name or how old he is, but he did have some health issues, and wasn't a kitten. I was talking with him (the cat), to find out what type of home he would prefer, kids, no kids, etc. By the way, this cat was PURE LOVE! He was a total snuggle cat, and you could just feel his beautiful energy. He began to describe the type of home he would prefer and then 'out of the blue' said he wouldn't mind doing some kind of service for the elderly. So, of course, I told the rescue people exactly what he told me. The next day, the woman I told all this to, waved me over and introduced me to a potential adopter. I told him everything the cat said, and he looked like we made it all up, as it was exactly what he said he would like to offer. Now, the fun part....he (the man) said he has a family member, who is an elderly woman in a wheelchair, living with him, and would the cat mind that? We couldn't believe it! I told him how the cat had requested this exact thing as something he would like to do...he said, 'oh come on, you're just saying that so I adopt him!'. I swore this is what the cat said, and the volunteers confirmed it. It was a total match!

The man said he was going to walk around and check out all the cats, but ended up returning and wanting to adopt him!

An amazing Christmas story for everyone involved!