Wednesday, May 14, 2014


To everyone who has a pet, I'd like to teach you a simple exercise to do when you are away from your animal partner.

Whether you are at work, or on vacation, without your pet, this is something you can do, it's like a love phone call to them.

Take a few deep breaths, to get centered and in a good state of mind, then picture/imagine your pet. Imagine a gold chord of light going from your heart to your animals' heart, with a feeling of love. You can even tell them, in your mind, how much you love them. That's it!

If you are in a stressful workplace, this is a great thing to do in the middle of the day, as it will help calm you, taking the deep breaths, is always calming, and then sending feelings of love to your pet, will shift your energy! Try it, your animal will love it.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Come to the conference on Saturday with a printed photo of your pet, either alive or in spirit form, as I will be doing a few pet readings after my lecture!
For location and details on all the speakers:

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


This weekend, my husband and I went up to our little house on the Upper Delaware River, to open it up for the season. We have not been there since November of last year.

As we started to walk down the hill to our house, we noticed something amazing! Max, our beloved cat, who passed almost two years ago, who is buried there, has a worn out path going to his site! Leaves all around, except for the path to Max's burial site. Upon further inspection, we noticed paw prints, different sizes, obviously from different animals on this path.

When we buried Maxy, one of my spirit guides, a very powerful Native American chief, came to me and said that because Max is so special, he wanted to sanctify the ground around him. I actually 'saw' ceremony, etc.

Before we closed the house down last year, it was early morning, and I saw a deer. I asked her to come closer, and she did a little, then said that she wanted to 'go visit'. I watched as she went down a path to visit Max. She told me other animals do the same, because the energy is great there.

Well, seems like they still are visiting. It's quite amazing!

I feel so blessed to have had almost 18 years with this amazing being, and is still 'helping' me from the other side. :)