Monday, May 16, 2011


I recently spoke to a new client regarding her horse and had to share this story!

After discussing the basics to schedule an appointment, the woman asked if I had a moment to share a story with me, and I said, 'of course'. She began by saying how her dad had died a few years ago. She said that when she was a little girl, he bought her a wooden horse. She said she painted it all black, except for three of its' legs she painted on white socks. The horse that she was calling me about turns out is all black and three of its' legs have white socks!! She said, 'I think my Dad sent me this horse from Heaven'. My whole body got chills when she said that. I think she's right!

She wants to do everything she can to help her horse and find out what is going on with him. The Vet can't find anything, the trainer can't find anything, but she knows something is off, so she contacted me. She said she knows they are meant to be together. I tend to agree. I'm looking forward to doing the session to see what he has to say, and what is going on.

The beautiful thing about this woman is her desire to help him and change whatever needs to be changed, even if it's something she may not want to do.

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