Monday, July 16, 2012


I feel compelled to write about bringing exotics into your home. PLEASE RESEARCH their behavior, what they like to do, what they need to do, and what they eat, are they nocturnal, etc., everything you need to know about the possible new addition in your home. Then you can make an educated decision about adopting or not.

After a recent visit to an animal shelter here in Brooklyn, (Sean Casey Animal Rescue), who takes in all sorts of animals, dogs, cats, bunnies, rats, hamsters, birds, and reptiles, he started telling me that he gets a lot of animals because people don't really know what these animals need for care, and when it seems too much for them, they dump them on the street, or in a lot of cases with bunny's they drop them outside near the park, which is extremely dangerous as they are prey for so many other animals.

I was 'talking' to this newly rescued bunny who said that their person got angry at them because they like to chew. I 'saw' the bunny chewing the wood part of pegs on a chair. This bunny had nothing to chew on in it's cage, so he went to whatever he could find to do it. Bunnies need to chew to keep their teeth from curling, and going through their mouths.

This is just one example of what happens, so, please, please do your research before adopting any type of exotic in your home.

Remember, if you are getting an animal for a friend, please make sure your friend really wants it and can take care of it properly, otherwise, the animal will be in a shelter and possibly euthanized.

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