Friday, June 6, 2014


If you have an animal partner, it is very important to always talk about, think about, (visualize, if you can) behaviors that you like. This makes it clear for your animal about what makes you happy.

I had a client whose dog was pooping next to his bed. He couldn't figure it out, as the dog had never done this before. He contacted me to find out what was going on with his dog. His dog 'told' me that the first two times were an accident, as he wasn't feeling well, and couldn't make it outside. Then, he said, he kept 'hearing' his person talking about it, and thinking about it, so he thought he wanted him to do it. The dog actually thought he was pleasing his person! Turns out, the animals' person said every day, for 45 minutes, on his drive back from work, all he kept thinking about and picturing was his dog poop in the bedroom. I suggested he stop thinking about it, and think about him going outside, so he did. The dog immediately stopped going next to the bed, and returned to his normal behavior.

I promise you that animals understand so much more than a lot of people think they do!

Focus and concentrate (with love energy) what makes you happy. They will want to please you. :)

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