Friday, February 17, 2012


As I was meditating for a recent radio interview, where in I give tips and sometimes actual messages from our animal partners, this is what the animals said to me in my meditation to read on air. The message is so beautiful, I have to share it!

This is what they said....

We want you to work together more - like a pack. This means helping each other and looking out for one another and knowing you aren't alone. If one of many feels bad, the others can have them use their strength to help them get better and stronger. Rely on each other. No one has to do things alone. We are all one. Take turns helping each other. The strength of a group is stronger than one. When more and more people show love and kindness towards each other, more and more people will feel it - this works energetically, like a ripple effect. Asking for help from others is a sign of strength.

GORGEOUS!!! The animals are always wise and helpful in their messages to us. Let's pay attention!

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