Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Last week, during a meditation preparing for my monthly radio interview, I 'asked' what the animals wanted to share with people. I 'got' that the whales and dolphins wanted to share. They suggested I go to the beach and listen for the messages. So, I went to the beach the following day and this is what they said:
The whales said:
. Go deep within yourself.
. Embrace and love yourself.
. Ask who or what you need to forgive.
. Send heart energy to yourself and others. Love is most important.
. Don't be afraid to really travel deep inside yourself.
. Nurture and honor yourself.
. Open heart to all you encounter, especially those in pain. One person helps another with open heart, then they help another, then it helps many - it's a ripple effect.
. Don't fear darkness as it helps bring light. We need both.
. Remember to take long exhales - (breathe!!)
The final thing they said was:
. It's time to release the old to hold space for new. TIME IS NOW!
Then the dolphins came in, I felt the energy shift, and this is what they said:
. And don't forget to play! - Not so serious all the time. It's fun to play with friends, too!
. Go to the water, you can ask for our energy and we can come to you - not near water...you can call on us too!
Then they said:

So amazing. I love all the messages. They are amazing beings.

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