Tuesday, December 18, 2012


It's that time of the year when people are getting pets for themselves and for others. PLEASE GO TO YOUR LOCAL SHELTER AND ADOPT!!!! There are many to choose from, including 'special' breeds. The animals need you!

Also, when selecting your animal partner, please make sure that your lifestyle matches the breed, especially when choosing a new dog for your family. Be honest with yourself. Will you have time to exercise it as much as it needs?

If you are choosing for a friend, please make sure, first that they actually want a pet. It's not fair to the animal, if they get sent right back to the shelter. :( If you are 100% sure they want a pet, please find out if they want the responsibility of a baby, or if they want an animal that is more mature. It is not fair for anyone if you don't know these basic things. Don't worry about not 'surprising' someone, as they may not actually be ready for it, or even really want it!

Thank you on behalf of our animal partners!!!!!

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