Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Our beloved cat, Max, who passed last year, used to LOVE when my husband and I meditated. He would know when we were about to, and go to his spot and wait for us to start. He would be in his spot for a while, then sometimes, move to be next to one of us. Now, even in 'spirit' form, he comes and plops down right next to us when we meditate together; we both feel his presence.

During the final stages of his physical life, Max used to get into a very deep meditative state, he was not sleeping, and this is how he removed himself from the physical pain he was experiencing. He kept telling me it looked worse than it felt. I've met a lot of animals in my work who have told me the same thing, and that they also know how to get into a deep meditative state to deal with any physical pain they may be experiencing, but also, just to really be in the presence of their Guides/Angels, etc.

Our pets absolutely love when we meditate! They love to see us relaxed, first of all, and of course, they experience this calmness and helps them be calm as well. It's a win win!!!

I highly recommend meditation for you and your pet to do together. It's beneficial for you both for bonding, and of course, you will be able to handle your day with ease and grace, as you've had the benefit of removing yourself from your thoughts and worries. How great is that! Your pet will be relaxed and also happy to see you in that state. They care about us so much and want us to take care of ourselves.


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