Friday, April 11, 2014


Has your animal partner crossed and you wonder if they ever visit you? Pay attention to things that they will do to let you know that they are with you. If you think that you saw a flash of them, you are not 'crazy' sometimes they appear quickly and then leave. Animals who slept in the same bed with their persons will sometimes 'jump up' on the bed and walk around to be next to us again. If you feel the sense that they are there, they are! If you are sitting on your couch, and feel that your animal is beside you, they are! Basically, if you feel, smell, sense, see the presence of your animal, TRUST it. Lots of animals will 'brush up' against our legs, so if you feel like that has happened, it has! You are not 'making it up'. My cat loved and still loves when my husband and I meditate, so when we do, we feel/see him plop right down in his 'spot' and he hangs with us while we meditate.

You can even ask them to make it obvious that it is them visiting you. So, you may be asking, how do I ask them to do that? What you do is take a few deep breaths, to get calm and grounded. Visualize/Imagine your pet, and call their name three times and say, please make it clear when you visit me, thank you.

Example: 'Calling on Max, calling on Max, calling on Max, please make it obvious when you visit me/us that it is you, thank you'. You can even make a specific request like, 'Please let me feel you on the bed, or please rub up against my leg', etc....then always say thank you. (do this after visualizing them & saying their name three times).

Our animal partners love us and visit us after they 'cross'. If you don't feel them come to you right away, don't be discouraged, as they may be busy. Yes, that's right, they are doing lots of things on the other side. Keep asking and I promise they will visit. :)

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